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Photograph by LeeLeeLu on Flickr

Photograph by LeeLeeLu on Flickr

You may have noticed in my last post that  a handful of the new perfumes to come in 2009 are celebrity fragrances, and debuts at that! 


Plus, there are even more in the works for this year as well (Faith Hill).

Probably the most anticipated of this bunch, due to her previously well received perfumes and successful franchise, is Jennifer Lopez. Sunkissed Glow is another flanker to the Glow by J. Lo fragrance, which was an enormous hit for the pop sensation and her fragrance producer Coty.

The word is that Sunkissed Glow is a fruity floral with notes of  red grapefruit, pineapple juice, cassis sorbet, beach flower, orange blossom, water lily, passion flower, and hot sand. The bottom notes of Sunkissed are amber, skin musk and cashmere wood. Sunkissed Glow is due to come out in February.


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