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You know when Calvin Klein unveils a new fragrance it’s a big deal. Calvin Klein doesn’t make trendy perfumes, they make classics. Their hits of the past are still vastly popular, especially with people that don’t necessarily follow the world of fragrance. In October 2010, Calvin Klein will launch Beauty worldwide. Beauty represents many firsts for Calvin Klein fragrance though. It responds to a gap in their fragrances, targeted at their Calvin Klein Collection customers, hoping it will be considered more prestige. It’s also the first Calvin Klein launch done completely by Coty, since taking over the license from Unilever Prestige in 2005. In an interview with WWD, Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of American Fragrances at Coty Prestige, said that Beauty is “…very elegant, and that’s why we wanted to work with Diane (Kruger),” spokeswoman for Beauty. She continued: “This woman we’re trying to portray – she’s not someone who doesn’t have experiences in her life. We wanted this woman to be worldly and well-traveled, a confident woman and a woman who had strength.” The scent was created by Sophie Labbé of International Flavors & Fragrances, with top notes of ambrette seeds, a heart of jasmine, and a dry down of cedarwood. The bottle alone is beautiful, with the simple, clean, elegant style Calvin Klein is known for, and it’s likely to live up to the staying power that Calvin Klein fragrances are known for as well.

Connected by Gender One

Connected by Gender One

Last week Gender One introduced a new addition to the line of unisex fragrances, Connected by Gender One! An extension of the popular Gender One fragrance, this unisex fragrance is a composition of woody and floral notes including citrus complex, leafy green accord, cyclamen, ozonic accents, cedarwood and sparkling musks. A cool and provocative scent to appeal to both sexes. It is available in a 3.4 oz, 100 mL Eau de Toilette Spray at an introductory price of $7.96, 20% off the regular $9.95 price! Wear it! Share it! Connect!

Click here to purchase Connected by Gender One

YouTube has forever changed the world. As we get used to this new medium though, we’re discovering new uses for it. YouTube is becoming an archive in a way, of media that would have otherwise never been seen again (to the dismay of some for sure). TV commercials for example, are something we took for granted and never intentionally bothered to record. And who can forget those avant garde  perfume commercials. Remember Calvin Clein’s revolutionary ads?

Calvin Klein Obsession:

CK One:

You can find perfume ads that you may have missed, like the official commercial for Gwen Stefani’s 2008 fragrance, Harajuku Lovers:

And then… there once was a fragrance that was here to stay, and they called it Charlie:

What are your favorite perfume ads?


Image from K.oa on

Image from K.oa on

One new perfume hitting the market this month is actually a redesigned version of an old one. Our old friend from Calvin Klein, Obsession, hits the shelves again as Secret Obsession. Though is boasts an all new scent, its mischievous intention is still the same. The original was made to capture the “essence of the 1980s obsession with carnal and material gratification.” And it did just that well into the 1990s! However, the 2000s call for a revision of what sexy means today. Enter Secret Obsession:

From the Secret Obsession website…

sultry • addictive • exotic

“Secret Obsession is an intoxicating floral oriental fragrance weaving together forbidden fruits, exotic flowers and a sultry wood signature for a provocative and addictive sexiness.”

Top (Notes): Forbidden Fruits – exotic plum, mace, rose de damas

Heart (Middle Notes): Exotic Flowers – egyptian jasmine, french orange flower, tuberose

Background (Bottom/Base Notes): Mysterious Woods – cashmere wood, burnt amber, australian sandalwood


Sounds nice, and I’m sure there will be a men’s version on the way. It will be interesting to see the notes in that!

There’s also the media hype, that must be talked about with this fragrance release! Eva Mendes is the super-spokesmodel for Secret Obsession. Calvin Klein, being Calvin Klein, made a very risqué ad campaign, including a TV spot that they had to have known was going to be rejected by ALL of television. One of the YouTube links I followed was even deleted for obscenity! In the ad, Eva is rolling around nude in bed. Enough said! It certainly got the fragrance talked about!

Do you think the tv ad was intentionally “too hot for TV”?

What do you think of perfume “makeovers”?


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