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YouTube has forever changed the world. As we get used to this new medium though, we’re discovering new uses for it. YouTube is becoming an archive in a way, of media that would have otherwise never been seen again (to the dismay of some for sure). TV commercials for example, are something we took for granted and never intentionally bothered to record. And who can forget those avant garde  perfume commercials. Remember Calvin Clein’s revolutionary ads?

Calvin Klein Obsession:

CK One:

You can find perfume ads that you may have missed, like the official commercial for Gwen Stefani’s 2008 fragrance, Harajuku Lovers:

And then… there once was a fragrance that was here to stay, and they called it Charlie:

What are your favorite perfume ads?

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly (such a wonderful name), best known for her role as “Kate Austen” on the (best ever!) TV show LOST, is the new face for Davidoff Cool Water Woman. This is Lilly’s first ever association with the commercial fragrance market. Coty Prestige, a division of Coty Inc., which makes the 1996 perfume says:

“Davidoff Cool Water Woman represents an icon among fragrances; it is the essence of freshness, sensuality and natural beauty but also of confidence and assertiveness which are values conveyed by the beautiful actress.”

Lilly had wonderful things to say about the scent as well:

“For me, the Cool Water Woman is the most perfect representation I’ve ever seen of feminine beauty; she definitely represents the juxtaposition between purity and sensuality and there’s that sort of fresh newness. On top of it there’s strength that’s underneath it all, that is where sensuality comes from.”

We, in the United States, may not see much of the publicity though. The print and TV commercial ads are shown worldwide except for in the US (click here to see the print ad). Why wouldn’t they use them in the US where her show LOST, entering it’s fifth season, is a huge success?

The company I work for, Belcam, makes an affordable version of Davidoff Cool Water Woman, available here.


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