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Lola by Marc Jacobs

Let me tell you about Lola. No not Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, but the latest hit perfume by the legendary American designer Marc Jacobs. Though she’s the second born, she is the older, more sultry sister of Jacobs’ first perfume Daisy, which was a mega-hit giving him “street cred” in the perfume world. Lola is a sensuous, fruity floral fragrance that opens with “sparkling fruitiness: pink peppercorn, pear and ruby red grapefruit.”  The heart notes are described as ultra-feminine florals: rose, fuschia peony and germanium.” Finally, Lola’s “warm and seductive” base notes consist of “vanilla, warm tonka bean and creamy musk.”

Here is Lola, in her own words, on the concept and design:

Marc Jacobs designed Lola as an electrifying, over-the-top bouquet exploding from the bottle. Twisting layers of fabric, he fashioned the sumptuous swirls of a lavish floral bouquet. The iconic high gloss cap shines with astonishing proportions and playful colors making it irresistible to touch.

Illustrating his inventiveness, Jacobs designed two unique bottle shapes. The subtle faceted voluptuous glass bottle is a rich violet that expresses the sensuality of the fragrance. The carton is an artistic interpretation of the lush iconic floral bouquet – a bright fuschia berry and plum palette plays against a dramatic matte black background.

Lola embodies imaginative elements creating a lasting impression and a must have luxury.

What’s to be said of all this flowery delight? Lola has been available since 2009, there are ample reviews out there. Here are a list of my favorites:

YouTube has forever changed the world. As we get used to this new medium though, we’re discovering new uses for it. YouTube is becoming an archive in a way, of media that would have otherwise never been seen again (to the dismay of some for sure). TV commercials for example, are something we took for granted and never intentionally bothered to record. And who can forget those avant garde  perfume commercials. Remember Calvin Clein’s revolutionary ads?

Calvin Klein Obsession:

CK One:

You can find perfume ads that you may have missed, like the official commercial for Gwen Stefani’s 2008 fragrance, Harajuku Lovers:

And then… there once was a fragrance that was here to stay, and they called it Charlie:

What are your favorite perfume ads?

Every now and then I like to shine a light on the blogs and websites that I follow. Sniffapalooza Magazine is self-proclaimed “the ultimate online fragrance magazine.”  It certainly it dynamic literature for perfume lovers. The current issue features an interview with Jean-Claude Ellena, perfume-world celebrity and Hermès perfumer. Ellena was one of the subjects of Chandler Burr’s book “The Perfect Scent.” Sniffapalooza Magazine is full of current material to keep the perfume fanatic satisfied…. enjoy!

Visit Sniffapalooza Magazine at

Most magazines these days have their own blogs. I found a pretty cool one on Glamour magazine’s site. They have several blogs, but this one is called “Girls in the Beauty Department.” Pretty self-explanatory. GBD covers beauty, tips, celebrity news, and tips… everything you could ask for in a beauty blog! The post that caught my attention was a quick game for matching celebs to their perfumes. Check it out:

The Girls in the Beauty Department

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Now Smell This is probably one of the most popular perfume blog in the blogosphere. With perfume reviews, shopping tips, news, and more, it’s a well rounded blog that is a great home base for any perfume fanatic. I particularly like the Monday Mail posts. This week the editor, Robin K., asked for perfume suggestions for a college student, based on her interests. It’s a lot of fun to test your memory of scents to try to suggest something for someone. Now Smell This also has contributing writers from all walks of life, so you get different perspectives on things.

Check it out at

Ralph Lauren just posted a couple videos on their YouTube channel, RLTV, promoting the film that promotes their new women’s fragrance Notorious. It’s a long chain of promotions, but a pretty chic one. Perfumers are doing a lot of creative things these days to start a buzz. I’ve mentioned before the extravagant websites for new fragrances like Daisy and Coco Mademoiselle. Ralph Lauren has produced a film directed by award winning director Wong Kar-wai. Shot in Paris this year, the film is intended to capture the essence of 1930’s Hollywood. It’s very glamorous and sexy. Check it out…

Notorious by Ralph Lauren from L’Oréal is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s followed by a rollout to 3,500 US doors. Available in 120 countries worldwide.

I’ve been surfing a lot of official perfume websites lately and I’m surprised by all of the fancy sites for promoting perfumes out there! The first one I encountered (an appropriate term) was Marc Jacob’s site for Daisy, which they call a “field.” Upon arrival you are prompted to either “take a peek,” create a profile or “enter the field.” If you create a profile you can make the daisies grow. You are invited to nurture the field by playing games, updating your profile and inviting friends (of course).

The next site I saw like this, which made me recognize a pattern, was Chanel’s site for the Daisy-like Coco Mademoiselle. After reading a poem you are invited to take a tour of Coco Chanel’s luxurious, museum-like apartment. You are guided through four rooms where there are certain objects that, upon rollover, have an explanation. Each one describes an element of Coco’s lifestyle, and sources of creativity, that shaped Chanel as an influential brand for women. The tour is concluded with the video ad for Coco Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley, and music by Joss Stone.

The last one I’d like to mention, is loosely related to perfume, but worth noting. Dolce & Gabbana has collaborated with Google to create iGoogle, a charitable project to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières, an international medical and humanitarian aid organization. “iGoogle is a service allowing the users to design a customized Internet page that includes the capability to add web feeds, Google Gadgets and themes.” D&G contributed their trademark leopard print in the header. On the design choice they say, “animal prints are essential for the Existence of divas and divine women… The Animalier print, which has been such a constant in the history of the brand becoming its true signature, has been revisited and revamped, developing an elegant and polished eye-catching layout, staging gold reflexes, lights and shades that raise in depth the contrast with the background.” Not only that, but it changes throughout the day! The texture and reflex change to resemble the effect of the sun, rising and falling. 

Have you noticed these lavish sites? What are your favorites?


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