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Today is Beyonce Knowles’ 31st birthday! Happy Birthday B! A living legend at 31, and already one of the leading ladies of celebrity perfumes. Seems like yesterday we saw the release of Beyonce’s first big fragrance with Coty, Heat, in 2010! Now with the addition of Heat Rush, the new Midnight Heat, Pulse, and Pulse Summer Edition, Beyonce is five fragrances strong! Not too bad for two year’s time!

The latest addition, Beyonce Midnight Heat, is a fruity floral gourmand with top notes of Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenian Plum; a vivid floral bouquet heart of Purple Mokara Orchid, Queen of the Night Black Tulip and Purple Peony; and a seductive base of Warm Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood. Have you tried the latest from Beyonce, or will you?

Lady Gaga’s first fragrance FAME was unveiled today in stores such as Sephora and Macy’s! Fans and curious perfume geeks alike have been flocking to stores today to check out this truly avante garde, black perfume that turns clear once sprayed! Even the notes are against the grain, classified by different facets:

  • Dark facet- Incense, Belladonna.
  • Sensual facet- Apricot, Honey.
  • Feminine facet- Jasmine Samac, Tiger Orchidea.

From the buzz I’ve seen online everyone is pleased with the scent. Did you try it today? What did you think?

Details of Lady Gaga’s new perfume, LADY GAGA FAME, began to surface this week! It’s no surprise that this fragrance is surprising (Gaga never lets down)! News came directly from Lady Gaga herself prematurely in response to a fashion editor leaking images of the bottle. “Looks like photos of my perfume are being leaked. Oh you fashion editors I could just crinkle my hands at you!” Lady Gaga tweeted. The perfume is something special for Gaga fans and perfume fans alike! The bottle was designed in collaboration with Nick Knight, and will come in a high end version titled “le masterpiece” with a larger bottle and a metal cap, and there will also be a smaller, less expensive version with a plastic cap. Nothing about this perfume is ordinary. The eau de parfum is actually the first of its kind, with a black fluid! It doesn’t end there though. Once the atomizer sprays the perfume it turns clear! How did they take it even further? By creating a collaboration between Gaga’s new Haus Laboratories and fragrance giant COTY, Gaga was able to introduce an olfactory technology  that is new to the perfume world! Called “push-pull technology,” the ingredients interact in unison, without hierarchy! The scent has three accords: “dark sensual, light (inspired by belladona, the deadly nightshade); opulence (a fusion of dripping honey, saffron and apricot nectar), and whispers magnificence (a floral layer of crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac).” Finally Gaga pulled out all the stops for the campaign, recruiting Alejandro director Steve Klein to photograph it and direct a film titled “FORMULATION” which is now available for viewing: LADY GAGA FAME – FORMULATION

LADY GAGA FAME is due for release in September.

So the Beiber fever has come to the fragrance world with Someday. It was bound to happen, but MAN this kid is picking up revenue in any area possible while he can! I took some time to watch this all play out before posting about it. First of all, the bottle design was an obvious rip-off of Marc Jacobs Lola! Very uncool, but it probably doesn’t matter. The teens Someday is targeted toward have probably never seen Lola. Further more though, it seems not too many fragrance fans were expecting much of a fragrance out of this. After all, how great can it be with a target audience of bubble gum pop screeching Beiber fans. However, again… does this matter? Personally, I don’t believe in good or bad, it’s all about preference. Obviously there’s a lot of preference… I mean they don’t call it Beiber fever for nothin’! Sales of Someday reportedly sky rocketed. Who’s to say the sales will last though. Done someday hold more stamina than a possible flash in the pan pop sensation? The truth is in the scent, and from what I hear, it doesn’t stand a chance. It seems Someday will wither and fade… someday… how ironic. This isn’t about a great scent or a legendary fragrance though. It’s just marketing the Beiber. Though there’s much more to be said about the Britney fragrances that HAVE lasted (probably better than she has). a good scent goes a long way.

Have you tried Someday? Do you like it?


I have to admit, Justin Bieber came up with a pretty good fragrance idea in collaboration with Etoile Nation… scented jewelry! The fragrant dog tags and bracelets have been at Walmart since fall 2010, and are now coming to CVS and FYE with new pomegranate scents, available for just $10. It’s got trendy written all over it, especially with the upcoming opportunity to get your own customized dog tags from Mom’s, brace yourselves for your kids trying to explain why they need $100 for those custom dog tags though! Surely they won’t want to be seen in school with the plain $10 version. Back to the great idea part though, what a practical format for those who don’t like putting perfume on their skin, or want to change scents throughout the day. Though in the form of a Bieber dog tag… you might want to leave it for the kiddies.

You can see Justin Bieber wearing his custom white gold and diamond dog tags in his “That Should Be Me” video with Rascal Flatts:

Read The Scent of Justin Bieber Fever by Molly Prior, WWD

Beyoncé Heat now has a spin-off fragrance (available since January 2011), Heat Rush! Most spin-off fragrances are a variation of the original, and Heat has added a twist of orange to it with Heat Rush! It is described as “a fruity floral fragrance that softly lures like a gentle breeze.”

Top notes: Brazilian cherry, passion fruit sorbet, and blood orange
Heart: Yellow tiger orchid, mango blossoms, and orange hibiscus
Base notes: Rio sunset musk, honey amber, and teak wood

Very exotic and sensual! Very Beyoncé! Check out this video interview with the perfumer that worked with Beyoncé on the scent, Honorine Blanc:

As if that weren’t enough there is a contest going on, and apparently time is running out to enter. You could win a trip to New York to meet Beyoncé in person, and a pile of free gifts too… of course. 😉

Click here to enter the contest.

Click here to visit the official Beyonce Heat website.

In an interview with Suzy Menkes (NY Times/Intl. Herald Tribunal) yesterday at the Mugler show in Paris, Lady Gaga sat closely by the side of her “best friend,” Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti and spoke about their collaborations and the fashion world. Lady Gaga has been openly discussing news of her forthcoming, debut perfume since January. When Menkes asked “what it will smell of,” Nicola Formachetti chuckled, obviously already being in the know of the shock value to come. Gaga explains that one of the several notes in the perfume is in fact based on her own blood! She says the reason is “so that it would smell like and feel like” her. As if that isn’t enough shock value, she’s reported saying previously that the “feeling and scent” of semen would be included as well! The perfumers at Coty, who will be producing the perfume, must be thrilled! Actually they probably seriously are thrilled in a geeky perfumer way, to be recreating these scents synthetically. You have time to consider whether or not you will even test the fragrance, as there’s no news yet on when we can expect to take a wiff of the bodily fluids. I for one can’t wait to find out if it will be strangely beautiful, or just repulsive. Rest assured I’ll be keeping tabs and posting news on this one though.

Check out the interview with Suzy Menkes for the INternational Herald Tribune and the New York Times

I’ve followed Kim Kardashian’s debut perfume since it was just talk. Years later, it is now one among us in the world of celebrity perfumes! Exclusive seller, Sephora is promoting the new scent with a “Live Like Kim Kardashian Sweepstakes” for their Beauty Insiders members. If you go to Sephora’s Facebook page, you’ll see it defaults to a special tab called “Meet Kim.” There, you can get the details on how to enter “for a chance to meet Kim and spend a day living her glamorous life.” There are also links to shop her brand on Sephora, how to “get her look” with cosmetics, and a YouTube video of Kim’s fragrance ad. I’m excited to see this fragrance out on the scene now. I now she really took her time and made a great effort to get her first fragrance just right. Congrats Kim!

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Watch Kim’s new fragrance ad:

Image by

Matthew McConaughey was spotted doing a photo shoot on the Zuma Beach in Malibu yesterday. It was most likely a photo shoot for Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance, The One, which McConaughey has been the spokesmodel for since its launch about a year and a half ago. See more pics here:

The One is available in a men’s and women’s version. Check them out here:

Lady GaGa turns up for the ACE Awards in New York in another bizarre outfit

Lady Gaga made quite the appearance at the Accessories Council of Excellence Awards on Monday. She was there as the recipient of the Stylemaker award. Presented by Marc Jacobs, she came onto stage through a cloud of talcum powder she flung ahead of herself. She gave a ten minute speech mentioning Jacobs, Alenxander McQueen, Stephan Gan, David Lachapelle and Hedi Slimane as her supporters. Also, Lady Gaga announced that the “Haus of Gaga is not an economy,” and that we shouldn’t expect a line. Was about a perfume though?


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