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Inside Perfume is an insider look on the world of perfume for the everyday perfume lover. Whether you have a heightened olfactory sense, or are a novice nose, this blog includes something for every perfume fanatic. Posts include: industry news, product launches, books, magazine articles, celebrity buzz and other perfume blogs.

Author Ryan Wilson, employee of Belcam Inc. who produces Parfums Belcam, explores the ins and outs of the perfume industry. Learn about the production of perfume, and what makes a quality perfume. Stay up to date with industry news, and keep tabs on your favorite designer’s releases, successes and failures. Go even further and discover books on perfume and current magazine buzz. See how Hollywood and celebrities are keeping the fragrance industry fresh (and sometimes not so fresh). Finally, stay connected with the influential online perfume community, web content, and other blogs in the perfume blogosphere.

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Inside Perfume is wonderful. I am a Perfumer and I like to read.


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