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Beiber Fever Comes to Fragrance

Posted on: August 5, 2011

So the Beiber fever has come to the fragrance world with Someday. It was bound to happen, but MAN this kid is picking up revenue in any area possible while he can! I took some time to watch this all play out before posting about it. First of all, the bottle design was an obvious rip-off of Marc Jacobs Lola! Very uncool, but it probably doesn’t matter. The teens Someday is targeted toward have probably never seen Lola. Further more though, it seems not too many fragrance fans were expecting much of a fragrance out of this. After all, how great can it be with a target audience of bubble gum pop screeching Beiber fans. However, again… does this matter? Personally, I don’t believe in good or bad, it’s all about preference. Obviously there’s a lot of preference… I mean they don’t call it Beiber fever for nothin’! Sales of Someday reportedly sky rocketed. Who’s to say the sales will last though. Done someday hold more stamina than a possible flash in the pan pop sensation? The truth is in the scent, and from what I hear, it doesn’t stand a chance. It seems Someday will wither and fade… someday… how ironic. This isn’t about a great scent or a legendary fragrance though. It’s just marketing the Beiber. Though there’s much more to be said about the Britney fragrances that HAVE lasted (probably better than she has). a good scent goes a long way.

Have you tried Someday? Do you like it?


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