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Posted on: July 30, 2010

Marc Jacobs’ second men’s fragrance came out today with a… BANG! Sorry I had to say it! The new fragrance is called BANG. Now that Jacobs has the strength of his very successful women’s fragrances, Daisy and Lola, under his belt, he is certainly not aiming below the belt with BANG! Or is he? I guess it’s all in how you look at it. Jacobs was very focused on what he wanted to make with this men’s fragrance. He was insistant on making something that HE enjoyed and the HE wanted to wear, with the name HE wanted. It’s not an exotic scent, it’s very “black and white” he says. In his own words:

“…to take something quite classic and then dent it or bang it, that just kind of felt quite literal and quite right.”

The fragrance is being heavily publicized with a huge ad campaign featuring Jacobs himself oiled up and glistening, almost nude on a bed of shiny mylar! The website,, features exclusive photographs and videos from behind the scenes of the photo shoot, a great Q&A with Marc Jacobs. Finally, an interactive, social Facebook game, BANG YOU’RE IT! In the Facebook game you upload your own photo and it applies the “BANG effect,” the iconic dented metal design featured on the new bottle. You’re invited to “BANG” other people’s pics and they “BANG” yours, earning points and chances to win prizes.

The fragrance is described as elegant and sensual, peppery woody spicy, and full of energy. Top notes of three peppercorns, a heart of masculine woods, and base notes of benzoin resin with vetyver, white moss and patchouli.

Marc Jacobs BANG is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s today.

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